Star Adherence Outbound

fusion-Rx provides a feature-rich pharmacy adherence platform that fully integrates Advanced Inbound IVR and Star Adherence outbound communication as part of patient, pharmacy, and prescriber services. Our sophisticated, next generation platform engages patients with the ease and choices that are in demand: 24/7 access to the pharmacy via telephone, internet/browser, and mobile devices.

Star Adherence Outbound

Driven by an intelligent data engine, which was specifically developed to help pharmacies increase medication adherence and customer loyalty, Star Adherence outbound messaging service reaches out to patients through their preferred method of communication – call, text or email.  A sophisticated ‘Real-time’ pharmacy system interface automatically triggers outbound notifications to patients, and provides pharmacy staff with additional time to continue filling prescription and servicing customers.

Refill Due
By continuously monitoring the prescription profile for each patient in the pharmacy management system, Star Adherence can automatically send outbound refill due, or past due messages to patients. Whether patients receive messages by outbound call, text or email, they can immediately confirm and order their refills without interrupting the pharmacy staff. Statistics clearly show that implementing Star Adherence results in increased medication adherence, customer loyalty and a higher level of job satisfaction for the staff.

Prescription Ready / Pickup Reminders
Patients can be notified that a prescription order is ready for pickup, still waiting to be picked up after several days, or their Rx is out for delivery. Pharmacies have the ability to add promotional trailers and broadcast campaigns (i.e., “Don’t forget your flu shot!”, etc.) to outbound patient notifications. Prescription Pick Up Reminders help to keep the inventory in the Will-Call Bins moving, while decreasing Return-To-Stock by 50% or more!

Loyalty Messaging
Stay connected with customers through a series of “personal touches” via telephone, text or email with timely and meaningful messages that will help to improve customer loyalty by reminding them that your pharmacy:

  • Cares about their health
  • Appreciates their business
  • Wishing customers “Happy Birthday!” greetings
  • Offers Stand-Alone Campaigns (i.e., store discounts, holiday hours, etc.)
  • And desires to serve their needs

Wellness Campaigns
Wellness campaigns consist of broadcast messages that inform patients of additional healthcare services offered by your pharmacy to either targeted, or general groups of customers. Some examples of Wellness Campaigns include:

  • MTM Programs
  • Vaccination Services
  • Clinics for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
  • Information about Dietary Supplements and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Patient Counseling Appointments

Recaptured Revenue – Star Adherence as a Solution!
Return-To-Stock (RTS) can have an adverse effect on your bottom line. All factors considered, studies show the average pharmacy loses $1,000 or MORE per month attributed to RTS! Implementing Star Adherence Prescription Ready and Pickup Reminders can have a huge impact on reducing the number of prescriptions returned to stock, which results in increased medication adherence and pharmacy revenue, and best of all…your peace of mind!

Pharmacies who have implemented fusion-Rx report many positive outcomes relating to their business and their patients!