fusion-Rx provides a feature-rich pharmacy adherence platform that fully integrates Advanced Inbound IVR and Star Adherence outbound communication as part of patient, pharmacy, and prescriber services. Our sophisticated, next generation platform engages patients with the ease and choices that are in demand: 24/7 access to the pharmacy via telephone, internet/browser, and mobile devices.

Online Solutions

Offering online services to customers/patients is no longer a generational issue, people of all ages and all walks of life expect it, and often demand it.  fusion-Rx offers pharmacies several online solution options to do this, by giving patients the ability 24/7 to go online to quickly request prescription refills and even login to view their prescription profile.  The fusion-Rx secure web forms and portal can provide these options to any pharmacy, whether they have an established website or not.  For pharmacies that have an established website or are thinking about launching one, we can work with your web developer to embed/integrate the prescription refill and profile access services as features offered from your website. 

Online Refill allows pharmacies to provide their patients with two secure methods of personal information access:

Quick RefillWhether from a fusion-Rx secure link to a refill form or from logging onto the pharmacy’s website, this method provides the patient the ability to quickly submit a prescription refill request from their web-browser with just basic information, and without logging in with a username and password. Once the prescription order is received into the pharmacy’s prescription work queue for processing, within a few seconds the patient will receive confirmation that their request has been received by the pharmacy.  

Prescription ProfileSecure online and mobile access that allows patients to review their most recent prescriptions, as well as a quick and easy means to request refills.  Patients simply access their prescription profile via a secure login process to see important details like medication names, when prescriptions were last filled, remaining refills and even if a partial quantity exists.  When placing refill requests from their profile, patients can select how they would like to receive the order (pickup, delivery, mail, etc.) and within seconds the refills requested are submitted to the pharmacy system work queue, and the patient immediately receives a confirmation showing each prescription number that has been submitted to the pharmacy.  

Online Solutions provide pharmacies with:

  • Authenticated patient credential logins
  • Secure online ordering
  • Online views of prescription history
  • Automation reduces the time staff spends on the phone
  • Helps to streamline workflow
  • Increases productivity and ROI

Pharmacies who have implemented fusion-Rx report many positive outcomes relating to their business and their patients!