Advanced Inbound IVR

fusion-Rx provides a feature-rich pharmacy adherence platform that fully integrates Advanced Inbound IVR and Star Adherence outbound communication as part of patient, pharmacy, and prescriber services. Our sophisticated, next generation platform engages patients with the ease and choices that are in demand: 24/7 access to the pharmacy via telephone, internet/browser, and mobile devices.

Advanced Inbound IVR

With the goal of providing a unique and meaningful experience to every caller, the Advanced Inbound IVR functionality or module, under our fusion-Rx platform encompasses over 50 years of telecom know-how and patient data integration experience.  Since released in early 2015, the fusion-Rx Advanced Inbound IVR functionality has earned high ratings and honors in the pharmacy industry.  Additionally, being able to offer cloud-based, centralized and on-premise installations allows fusion-Rx to fit into any pharmacies environment.   

A service that helps to maximize pharmacy productivity. For those pharmacies that want all callers to be  answered on the first ring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Attendant-Rx offers full menu of options to callers such as listing to store hours, location and store promotions, placing a refill order, transferring to departments or individual extensions, and leaving voicemail messages.  Multiple language menus are supported.  

Callers have the ability to place prescription refill orders 24/7 through the use of their telephone keypad. The prescription number and refill availability is verified, with any issues being voiced to the caller. Next the caller hears a friendly confirmation that their order has been submitted to the pharmacy and will be filled, and last, they are given a time to pick up their prescription order. Because fusion-Rx has access to all patient prescriptions on file, other prescription information and loyalty opportunities can be voiced during the call if enabled.

  • Text-To-Speech playback of patient name and medication is also available. (no asterisk please)
  • Mail order and compounding pharmacy features also offered.

Leave Message with Rx
Convenient option for patients to order additional items with the prescriptions.

Refill Authorization
Interacts with the pharmacy system to determine if prescriber authorization is required. Patient has the option to direct the pharmacy to seek authorization.

Refill Reminder Enrollment*
Patient not already enrolled for automatic refill reminders may be given the option.

Rx Ready Option*
Patients can be given the option to receive notifications when the prescription orders are ready for pickup. Once they opt-in, the question is no longer asked.

Check Status
Patients can check the status of a prescription refill order.

  • Ready for pickup
  • Still being worked on
  • Awaiting authorization
  • Already picked up and more!

Check Status requires a pharmacy system or 3rd party workflow integration.

Pharmacies who have implemented fusion-Rx report many positive outcomes relating to their business and their patients!

*Requires Star Adherence