fusion-Rx provides a feature-rich pharmacy adherence platform that fully integrates Advanced Inbound IVR and Star Adherence outbound communication as part of patient, pharmacy, and prescriber services. Our sophisticated, next generation platform engages patients with the ease and choices that are in demand: 24/7 access to the pharmacy via telephone, internet/browser, and mobile devices.

Admin Dashboard

Measure Your Success!
The Admin Dashboard is fully integrated with both Advanced Inbound and Star Adherence Outbound messaging services. This browser-based tool provides information about your pharmacy at a glance, and can be accessed from any workstation. The Dashboard can be managed with login credentials for user level of staff access. Once logged in, staff has the ability to designate data parameters that will generate reports to reflect the information that you are most interested in tracking (ex. tracking peak hours of operation, and scheduling staff to handle the workflow accordingly). Admin Dashboard has reporting built directly into the WebUI, providing you with the edge you need to stay strong in today’s competitive marketplace.

Information at a Glance!
Admin Dashboard is a valuable tool for gathering information that helps your pharmacy develop marketing plans, schedule staff, health outreach programs and prescription awareness that directly impacts patient outcomes and adherence. Powerful and intuitive, the dashboard allows you to determine what information is most significant to your pharmacy’s operations. fusion-Rx Admin Dashboard offers you some of the following valuable tools to help you drive adherence, customer loyalty and increase your ROI:

  • Monitor all aspects of Inbound…
    • Call traffic
    • Refill Requests
    • Voicemail Messages
  • Module specific reporting is built directly into each tab as ‘Widgets’, no need to run a report to see system performance and usage
  • Customize and generate reports that will help to better manage workflow and staff scheduling based on peak hours of operation…
    • Export reports as PDF, CSV or print
  • View detailed statistics for prescriptions ordered via…
    • Branded Mobile App
    • Telephone
    • Online Solutions
    • Requests requiring prescriber authorization
  • Track patient refill history and drive adherence based on refill requests placed by a patient…
    • Reach out to patients with refill reminder notifications
  • Create patient outreach campaigns to increase customer loyalty
    • Dashboard can help determine the audience size reached

Pharmacies who have implemented fusion-Rx report many positive outcomes relating to their business and their patients!