fusion-Rx provides a feature-rich pharmacy adherence platform that fully integrates inbound IVR and outbound communication as part of patient, pharmacy, and prescriber services. Our sophisticated, next generation platform engages patients with the ease and choices that are in demand: 24/7 access to the pharmacy via telephone, internet/browser, and mobile devices.

Continued research demonstrates success in the reduction of patient hospital and clinic admissions when pharmacy attention is included as an integral communication partner. As medication adherence is elevated in importance, the positioning of independent pharmacies has made a paradigm shift to be more closely aligned as a partner in the patient treatment process, requirement technologies, communication and tools, to maintain the continuity of medication therapies.

Advanced Inbound IVR

Providing a unique and meaningful experience 24×7, a service important to everyone calling your pharmacy. fusion-Rx advanced inbound IVR features are built on a strong foundation of telecommunications knowledge and prescription data integration to enhance your pharmacy environment and customer’s experience.  

Star Adherence Outbound

Integrated outbound messaging that engages pharmacy patients via phone call, email, and text notifications.  Notifications are sent to patients regarding important health information and prescription reminders such as:  ready for pickup, or a refill is due.  This proven solution increases medication adherence, customer loyalty and improves the pharmacy’s bottom-line!

Mobile Solutions

We provide both a quick-to-market means for pharmacies to offer mobile prescription refills and profile access, and the more robust option via our fusion-Rx 3rd party mobile app vendor program if you desire a registered and branded mobile app. 

Online Solutions

Providing an easy and secure means for patients to request prescription refills or login to view their prescription profile, are services fusion-Rx can offer to any pharmacy – with or without an established pharmacy website. 

Authorization Fax

A cloud-based fax service triggered by the fusion-Rx refill authorization logic when a patient’s refill request requires prescriber authorization. The fusion-Rx refill authorization logic determines whether an Authorization Fax should be sent and notifies the pharmacy staff of the action.  

Admin Dashboard

In the condition when a patient requests a prescription that has no refills remaining, has expired or is too soon for a refill, fusion-Rx either sends an authorization fax or notifies the pharmacy staff to contact the prescriber.

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Measuring Your Success

The browser-based dashboard provides system management, administration and reporting capabilities for all fusion-Rx services.

  • Manage fusion-Rx services from any workstation or mobile device via the pharmacy network.
  • Set Hours of operation and holiday hours, voicemail message playback, patient communication enrollment, reports, data export.


  • Prescriber/Pharmacy/Patient Interaction
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Satisfaction


  • Return to Stock as much as 50% or More
  • Customer Wait Time
  • Noise & Interruption Levels


  • Medication Adherence
  • Prescriptions Filled
  • Revenue and Profit

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