voiceTech remains a leading technology vendor for the pharmacy industry for over 20 years.
voiceTech is dedicated to the development of robust communication and adherence solutions that provide pharmacies with the edge they need to compete in today’s competitive marketplace.  Large and small chains, independent, specialty and health-system pharmacies in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, all enjoy new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction as a result of voiceTech star rated customer service, comprehensive support and implementation.

fusion-Rx, our Next Generation Patient Communication & Adherence Platform, provides pharmacies with Advanced Inbound IVR; Star Adherence Outbound Messaging; Data Security Safeguards; VoIP Connectivity or Traditional Phone Lines; Cloud-Based, Centralized or On-Premise Deployment, plus much, much more.

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Gone are the days of multiple vendors with overlapping services. fusion-Rx is the fully integrated communication platform that does it All!

fusion-Rx Overview

fusion-Rx interfaces with over 60 of the most widely used pharmacy management systems. Pharmacies are able to provide their customers with 24/7 access to their pharmacy with ‘Real-Time’ data exchanges via telephone, internet and mobile devices. fusion-Rx offers cloud-based, centralized or on-premise implementation for our Advanced Inbound IVR and Star Adherence Outbound messaging solutions, developed to accommodate the needs of large and small chains, independent, specialty, mail-order, and health-service size pharmacies. Multi-language menus are available, with the option to add to 5 core languages:  English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin and French.

Gone are the days of multiple vendors with overlapping services…fusion-Rx the fully integrated patient communication platform that does it ALL!

Innovation Leader

voiceTech is a developer of innovative technology that provides pharmacies with solutions and services, which help improve productivity, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and revenue.

Analysis & Consulting

voiceTech’s team of professionals survey and assess the pharmacy dynamics. The team will quickly and effectively make recommendations that will accommodate and best suit the customer’s needs.

Best Solutions & Approaches

voiceTech is driven by our customer’s needs, and we work very closely with our customers to clearly understand not only their requirements, but also their overall strategic business goals.

Quality Service & Support

For over 20 years, voiceTech has been a provider of pharmacy technology. Dedication to excellent service and support has earned voiceTech a reputation for being an industry leader, and provider of pharmacy growth solutions.

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